COCONUT FLOUR - 20 kgs. in sack

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COCONUT FLOUR - 20 kgs. in sack
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ANDY ALBAO CocoWonder 100% Organic COCONUT FLOUR is all purpose, Gluten Free and produced using dehydrated and defatted matured coconut meat. Our Coconut Flour has rich in coconut taste with sweet aroma, has fine powder, very low moisture, very low fat content and no rancidity which Classified as SUPERIOR QUALITY. Coconut Flour is Certified 100% Organic, High Dietary Fiber, Non-GMO and considered as SUPERFOOD & FUNCTIONAL FOOD. CocoWonder Coconut Flour is primarily used for baking of healthy baked products and mixed well with other kind of flour. Our Coconut Flour was process naturally and no chemical used that considered HEALTHIEST, PUREST, CLEANEST and SAFEST. Coconut Flour sometimes has fine brown spots from coconut meat skin, but it does nor effect the quality.  

In comparison, other coconut flour has high fat content of about 10% to 20% which difficult to mix with regular flour and other ingredients. Some has rancidity taste and odor, has roasted and toasted due to high heating,

SHELF LIFE: Guaranteed for 15 Months shelf life, but tested for 18 Months as maximum. It need to stored at dry & clean area at room temperature.

INGREDIENTS: Defatted Coconut Meat